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The Company

Focusing on ASEAN market for the time being, Simosynergy implemented its factory in Alor Gajah, a dynamic industrial area located in a strategic location to serve its main customers.

Strong with a loyal team with experience in the field, Simosynergy is off to a good start and aim to triple their crew number within the next two years. They are preparing themselves to handle great scale projects and bring their production to 1000 units per year.
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Evolving in a familiar field where they already got a strong network and reputation, Simosynergy now focuses its efforts to supply their contacts in the Mechanical & Electrical contracting field, but are already looking for potential agents or distributors in other countries.

The origin

Simosynergy is originated from the concerted idea between a local Mechanical, Electrical & Process Company and the regional branch of Siemens, a multinational giant that has been actively involved in the development of the growth of the region for the last 3 decades. 10 years after their first successful collaboration in 2002, this renowned local group approached the head of the Low & Medium Voltage in Siemens Asia. The idea was straightforward; they proposed to handle part of the Siemens switchgear production in South East Asia to reduce production cost, ease shipment & custom issues and improve lead delivery time drastically. Simosynergy was soon born as the conjoint effort of both groups, based on the mutual trust and respect built on much past collaboration.

Happy Clientele