GEAFOL Cast-Resin Transformers 100 to 16,000 kVA

The Safe Technology

GEAFOL Cast-Resin Transformers
Wherever distribution transformers have to assure the utmost safety in areas frequented by people, GEAFOL® castresin transformers are the ideal solution. With GEAFOL, the limitations of liquid-filled transformers are avoided, but the proven characteristics such as operating safety and service life are retained.

GEAFOL cast-resin transformers comply with IEC 60076-11 or DIN EN 60076-11 and VDE 0532-76-11. However, they can also be designed to meet special national regulations or customer wishes; for example, GEAFOL transformers can be manufactured in compliance with IEEE Std C57.12.01, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 47-M90, and UL 1562. GEAFOL transformers are certified by UL, CSA, and TÜV. Even the Russian GOST standards can be met. We offer tailored solutions that meet all requirements when it comes to operating mode, low noise and loss levels, connection technology, type of cooling, as well as transport and installation.

Safety proven 100,000 times over
There are good reasons why GEAFOL cast-resin transformers are used wherever absolute safety is required. They can be found in high-rise buildings, hospitals, road and underground railway shafts, offshore installations, mines, wind turbines, nuclear power plants, and many other safetycritical environments. It is not surprising that the superior GEAFOL technology is produced under license by many transformer manufacturers all over the world.
Over 100,000 GEAFOL cast-resin transformers have proven themselves in power distribution worldwide. The diagram below shows the power rating and voltage range developments achieved since 1966 as a result of continuous innovation.